I am a Berlin based non-professional landscape photographer starting to learn photography in 2014. I am living in Müggelheim, a small village surrounded by woods and lakes belonging to Berlin-Köpenick. From there it is easy to reach wonderful and interesting places within a short period of time on foot, by bike or by car for taking photos.
As I worked as a scientist during my professional life I am used to try out things by experimental works. This is what I love to apply when I am out there for taking photos. On the other hand, this might be counterproductive for developing a constant and characteristic style, which, according to many books on photography, each photographer should develop. Anyway, if you like my photos I would be happy for sending me a comment.


Photo of the Day

Picture shows a swan struggling through a thin layer of ice

Previous photos of the day. Most of them were taken around Müggelheim during the last months

Please also visit the website of my wife (in German). She is an artist reinterpreting the genres of still life and figure painting in her acrylic canvases that depict the everyday.