Pictures are taken on the way to Sossusvlei. I wonder on what oryx antelopes feed on and where they obtain water. I love the colours and the waves from the dunes. Last picture is taken from Sesriem canyon.

Pictures from the dunes near Swakopmund in the light of the setting sun where the Namib desert ends at the ocean

This landscape is called moon landscape

Pictures from Swakopmund, the Skeleton Coast including Cape Cross (seal colony), and the dessert around Swakopmund with Welwitschia and animals seen during the living desert tour

Ride to the desert elephants which first brought us to the Brandberg massive with the White Lady cave painting, the granite rock arch and other impressive rock formations, and the Spitzkoppe (see the first 6 pictures).  

The desert elephants were seen in the Ugab river bed but maintained alive mainly by water donations of the local farmers due to a three years lasting drought .  

Visiting the Etosha National Park. The area was extremely dry. We were told that there has been no significant amounts of rain during the last 3 years. We wonder on what the animals fed on as everything was dry and no green was nowhere to be seen. We had up to 39°C so that animals were staying in the shade.